The story

A drive through the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The hot desert, the big palm trees, a flock of sheep. There she goes…barefoot, tiptoeing on the hot sand. Covered with a black veil, leaving only her face to show. Her tribal tattoos, her mother tongue, the way she moves. She is a real icon.
The brand ⵖⵡⵓSRⴷ captures everything about the Berber woman. Her traditions, her roots, her heritage. The fabrics speak her language and tell the stories of her tribe. The patterns show her circle of life and the colors celebrate the uniqueness of her culture. This collection is an ode to her people by one of her people.
Being inspired by the (Moroccan) Berber women and their traditions, a road-trip through the Atlas region was the beginning of this collection. The different landscapes, the beautiful nature and the high mountains led the way to authentic villages and great discoveries. The fabrics were found there where the heritage is kept alive. Every fabric has its own tradition and is used for its own occasion, such as a wedding, the wedding nights, birth or grieve. The colors and patterns represent different natural phenomena such as the rainbow after a rainy season. These natural phenomena for the Berber women are associated with different, important topics in the community such as fertility, collectively and sisterhood.
These beautiful and story-telling cloths used by the Berber women as their armor, formed the base of the ⵖⵡⵓSRⴷ collection. Representing their beauty, their strength and their power with a touch of Western inspiration is what makes this collection a story to listen to. The ⵖⵡⵓSRⴷ collection by Youssra Benaya is a dedication to the admirable and historical Berber culture that form the roots of greatness.